Downtown Management


Organizational Planning and Management

L.L. Consulting has assisted hundreds of communities across the nation with evaluating their current organizational structure and providing consulting services to assist with developing short and long term policies and objectives for fostering partnerships, enhancing long term sustainability of the organization and improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the entire community’s revitalization efforts.   L.L. Consulting works closely with its clients to help establish the legal aspects of the supporting organizations, outline roles and responsibilities to ensure a clear understanding of what is expected, train the volunteers on their “jobs” within the structure, work with staff to guide and mentor them, and facilitate discussion to help develop strategic short and long term plans, identify action steps and create benchmarks to measure outcomes.   

Consulting services and technical assistance includes:

  • Community based visioning
  • Strategic planning and action plans
  • Board development and training
  • Board retreat facilitation
  • Committee development and training
  • Executive director recruitment, training and mentorship
  • Funding plans and fundraising strategies
  • Non-profit formation
  • Organizational assessment
  • Bylaw and policy development