Power.  Empower your district to capitalize on its strengths.

Opportunity.  Understand and seize market opportunities.

Will.  Clarify your commitment to lead an effective business development team.

With a combined total of 47 years of economic and business development expertise, Lani Lott, President of L.L. Consulting, and Keith Kjelstrom, Principal of Downtown Juncture Consulting, are teaming together to offer a series of new business development services for traditional business districts:

Business Development Packet  Our market analysis and business development team assembles and synthesizes all the information you need and develops the content for a compelling  hard copy business recruitment and business strengthening packet.  Then we work with one of our graphic designers, or yours, to produce the presentation packet, fully coordinated with your organization's website and your community's business development web presence.

Small Business Tune-Up Kit Energize your district's businesses to realize their potential.  Invigorate business operating practices with a group workshop, customized consults with individual businesses, and a free POW follow-through program.

Community Economic Summit  Our facilitators perform all of the production work for a successful economic summit.  The event will engage multiple groups and perspectives in market analysis, ensure the vital interpretation of data that only locals can perform, and strategically harness market findings for a stronger four-point action plan.

Market Opportunities Definition  We collaborate with your program leaders to determine your district's market vision, market position, target consumer groups and market gaps.  Then we help establish your best business enhancement options, entrepreneur development strategies, and business recruitment opportunities.

Business Development Team Training & Action Plan  With our hands-on training and action plan facilitation, you'll coalesce a winning team of business development leaders and equip them with a proven set of tools and techniques.  Ensure performance by committing to a prioritized plan of action.

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