Social Enterprise Ventures

L. L. Consulting  is pleased to announce that  Ms. Lani Lott has joined Social Enterprise Ventures (SEV) team as a Senior Consultant to bring SEV’s Expedition Training to the Arizona and California marketplace offering yet another tool for non-profits to reach their goal of financial sustainability.
Expedition Training is hands-on, interactive, high-energy and FUN but it’s hard work too.  Working closely with L.L. Consulting, non-profit agencies develop their own plan for earned income based on who they are, what they do and what they already know.  The training involves seven modules taught in a classroom setting over nine months with guided homework in between and a comprehensive workbook with exercises and worksheets to guide the curriculum.  All efforts are geared at helping each agency develop a business plan for a social enterprise that will generate an unrestricted earned income stream.

Visit to learn more Expedition or download the brochure and take it directly to your board today! Why wait -- every non-profit deserves to learn how to identify an unrestricted earned income stream to support their mission and expand their goals.     Get out of Charity Think! It’s Okay to Make Money.